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Hollis Technologies specializes in providing leading-edge products and services to help improve profitability by moving information from the plant floor to the Enterprise level.

New Leading Edge Products

Dream Reports

Dream ReportsDream Report™is a complete reporting solution, enabling users to collect real-time and historical data, from a variety of sources, and create dynamic, custom reports that can then be sent to an email server, a web portal, a file server or a fax machine.


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Motion Computing

Motion Computing ---- Mobile, sleek, secure, .... advanced.
Motion TabletThe thin and ultra-mobile Motion LE1600 was designed with the most advanced computing technologies available today. With up to a full day of battery power from the slim Extended Battery, the power of an Intel Centrino processor and packaged in a sleek design makes this the ultimate in wireless productivity.

It's pure innovation right in your hands.!
Hollis Technologies is now offering Rugged, Industrial Tablet PC’s from Motion Computing. Now, you can have the power of your desktop in your hands – wherever you need to be!

Take a look…

  • LE1700 Tablet PC
    12.1" High Resolution SXGA+ Display -- The LE1700 combines the power of the Intel® Core™ 2 Duo processor, advanced connectivity features such as embedded Wi-Fi and Bluetooth®, and a new level of wireless freedom with the optional embedded wireless broadband technology to provide performance and mobililty that will empower you.
  • Motion C5
    Mobile clinical assistant (MCA)
    that integrates technology from Intel® Health, combines durable design elements with key data capture technologies to simplify workflows, increase productivity and improve overall quality of care.
  • LE1600 Tablet PCs
    12.1" display - Faster, thinner, secure and longer battery life
  • LS800 Tablet PCs
    8.4" display - Ultra-Mobile Slate with the power of a full-size Tablet PC, the size of a paperback book.



jklAdvantech has just announced the IPPC-9151, a Pentium 4 panel/rack mount PC with integral 15" TFT display. The 9151 also offers two expansion slots, built-in floppy & CD drives and a front-mounted USB port.

Download the 9151 Datasheet...

jklPC/104 cards conform to an open standard and offer a powerful, yet compact, solution. PC/104 cards can also be stacked to provide a complete processor, storage and I/O package.

Advantech offers a number of PC/104 modules, from the new PCM-3380 Celeron M 600Mhz CPU card to a wide variety of I/O cards. They also offer pre- configured embedded enclosures, or they can create a custom solution tailored to your requirements.

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iKEYiKEY Introduces New NEMA 4x Keyboards with Integrated TouchPad Pointing Device.

TouchPadThe leading supplier of industrial keyboards is, once again, demonstrating their innovative prowess.

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GarrettCom Releases "Dual-Homing" Ethernet Switch

GarrettCom Releases "Dual-Homing" Ethernet SwitchGarrettCom, the leading manufacturer of managed and unmanaged ethernet switches for the industrial, transportation and building automation markets, has just released the ES-42 Dual-Homing switch.

Dual Homing offers two connection points to the network. In the event of failure of the first connection, traffic is re-routed to the second connection for continued service.

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What Makes Powerware UPS's Unique?

Powerware UPS'sOnly as good as the batteries that provide the backup power. How those batteries are charged can make a big difference in how long they last and whether they are ready when needed. Powerware's patented Advanced Battety Management (ABM) technology doubles the life of batteries, compared with other UPS's.

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